Ecoplan Castings is especially dedicated to its employees, because we acknowledge that these are the people who sustains the organization, and making Ecoplan the great company it is.

Every day we renew the challenge of investing on their continuous development and motivation, providing them with capacitation through training and support to their technical and educational experience, direct benefits such as a cafeteria and food staples (“cesta básica”) and preserving and caring for their health by means of healthcare, dental and mental care plans, discount programs in drugstores and vaccination campaigns.
The occupational health of its employees is also a first order concern for the company, which invests in protection equipment and strict control and inspection by our work safety technicians.


atleta_futuroActing in accordance with its commitment to society by creating opportunities and encouraging human development, in 2015 Ecoplan, in a partnership with SESI (Social Services for Industry) in Cachoeirinha, became a Sponsor company for the Atleta do Futuro (“Athletes of the Future”) Program. This program reaches an average of 120 young people from the local community during school vacation periods, offering several benefits from encouraging the practice of physical activities to promoting sports-related values and personal and professional experiences.





LogoCorrenteBem_RespSocialEcoplan supports voluntary projects organized in its premises by its employees, as a way to stimulate their solidarity and awareness of each one’s social role, creating internal bonds of union and integration for the benefit of the social development of neighboring communities.

The voluntary group called Corrente do Bem (“chain of goodness”), comprised of Ecoplan employees, began by supporting families who had suffered great losses caused by the harsh storms that occurred in Greater Porto Alegre during the year of 2015. The group’s activity became stronger over time, and gathered more and more participants united around the sole ideal of aiding others.
The group currently cares for several projects aimed at families in risky and vulnerable situations, entities for children in need and elderly homes in the nearby communities.