Ecoplan Castings is concerned with performing its processes efficiently and with special care for the environment, ensuring strict compliance with environmental legislation and investing in modern technologies and equipment to reduce power consumption and pollution levels.

Additionally, the company has special concern for optimizing its natural resources, using inputs with the least environmental impact and yearly recycling more than 14,000 tonnes of sand, which represents a 80% decrease in consumption of this raw material, aiding to reduce the environmental impact that results both from the sand extraction activity and from its disposal. This means that more than 10,000 m³ of sand are not being removed from nature and sent to landfills.

Being aware of its environmental responsibility and its reach within the community, the company is also implementing the Ecoplan Consciência Verde (Green Conscience) Project, an environmental education program that provides several activities connected to the environment to Ecoplan’s employees and their families, such as: workshops and lectures within the company’s facilities, campaigns, distribution of educational material on varied themes (sustainability, recycling, conscious use of natural resources, renewable energies), guided tours on locations that are references in that theme, such as the Municipal Garden of the city of Cachoeirinha, among others.