Founded in 1987, ECOPLAN CASTINGS began its foundry industry in the city of Cachoeirinha/RS, with the purpose of providing wear parts for the CRUSHING AND MILLING equipment of Ecoplan Mining, a company aimed at producing limestone ore in the region of Nobres/MT, belonging to the same shareholding group.

Demand from other mining companies enabled the foundry and its processes technology to expand, and soon Ecoplan started on a second line, that of SPECIAL PARTS FOR INDUSTRIES – parts with unique specifications, developed on demand for companies in the metal-mechanic sector and industrial and road machine assemblers.

Following its continuous and diversified growth strategy, in 1991 Ecoplan created a wear and replacement parts line for construction and mining equipments, known as GET – GROUND ENGAGING TOOLS line, which is acklowledged all over the country today for its high quality and superior resistance.

After a long process of material research and field tests, in the year of 2007 the company joined the RAIL segment, developing a line of parts such as Couplers, Knuckles, Yokes among other components for railcars, as well as steel castings for the railroads, such as joint bars, base plates, manganese frogs and others.

Ecoplan Castings is located in a 28,000 m² Industrial Park, with a 13,000 m² factory plant and a production capacity of 500 tonnes per month, with a solid performance in several sectors where there is need for specialized cast iron and steel products.

Ecoplan continues on its path of growth and diversification, investing increasingly more in technology, innovation, quality, productivity and other improvements, aimed at fully satisfying its clients, its employees and the local communities.