For more than 25 years, Ecoplan has been innovating and perfecting its comprehensive line of Ground Engaging Tools (GET), ensuring the high productivity to the work of mining and construction companies, in face of the superior resistance and durability of the parts, which is proven and consolidated in all Brazilian states, and also on an international level.

The Ecoplan GET line is comprised of wear parts of steel destined mainly to excavators, bulldozers, angle dozers, loaders, backhoes and motor graders, for the most renowned brands in the market. In addition to providing a superior performance and optimizing the efficiency and productivity in the operation, Ecoplan GET tools protect the structural components of the machines, such as buckets and other structures that come in contact with the ground, providing a longer service life for the equipment.

With the purpose of meeting the different market demands, Ecoplan GET Line is currently composed of two segments presented hereof: the ME12  line, manufactured in our industry with the special ME12 steel alloy, and Ecoplan NTX line for imported parts, manufactured under Ecoplan’s supervision and destined to Earthworks and small mining operations.

With a modern laboratory and the latest equipment for steel chemical and metallographic analyses, Ecoplan ensures in its tools the reliability and certainty of an excellent performance in all kinds of work and soils.

ECOPLAN’s engineering team is constantly researching the development of alloys with superior properties and features, aimed at meeting the strictest demands of Construction and Mining Companies, in addition to seeking constant improvement in the design and finishing of our tools, with the purpose of increasing performance, providing greater agility in changes, and greater yield in the operation of the Mine or Construction.